Creating IDEAL Outdoor Spaces
Creating IDEAL Outdoor Spaces

Fertilization and Weed Control Programs

Assessments of your property will assist in creating a fertilization plan customized to your specific yard. Proper fertilization is important to ensure the beauty and health of your garden or lawn.


A typical fertilization package includes the following:

  • Season Long Weed Spray free of charge
  • Application #1: March 15th – April 15th: Pre-emergent fertilizer which helps green up your yards and eliminates those pesky grassy weeds.
  • Application #2: April 15th – May 15th: A 2nd application of pre-emergent fertilizer to ensure proper weed control.
  • Application #3: May 15th – June 15th: A fertilization application with Merit Grub Control is applied. This application destroys the life cycle of a grub. Grubs are the larva stage of the beetle.
  • Application #4: Sept 1st – Oct 1st: Revitalization fertilizer. This application helps the root system after a long dry summer.
  • Application #5: Oct 1st – Nov 15th: Basic strong generic fertilizer. This applications primary function is to place needed nitrogen into the soil to green up your yard for the Fall and upcoming Spring months.
  • Application #6: Nov 15th – Dec 15th: Winterizer is applied to protect the grass through the long tough winter months.

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