Creating IDEAL Outdoor Spaces
Creating IDEAL Outdoor Spaces

Sprinkler Systems

Lawn Sprinkler System Service and Maintenance

Regularly scheduled sprinkler system maintenance by Ideal will keep your system running efficiently and trouble free.  We offer complete maintenance and service of all major brands of sprinkler systems. Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro, Weathermatic are just a few of the brands we service. Our highly trained professional service technicians can provide Spring start ups, mid season adjustments, winterization, and certified backflow testing.  In addition, we can accurately and efficiently troubleshoot problems with your sprinkler system.  Issues with the controller not functioning properly, valves not opening or closing, leaks, and locating those infamous “lost” valve boxes  in the yard, are all items our team is ready to tackle.  Call or email today to schedule your sprinkler system service! 


-Spring Start ups

-Mid Season Adjustments


-Backflow Testing

-Troubleshooting and repairs

-Efficiency Audits


New Sprinkler System Design and Installation


From zone additions and small residential sprinkler systems to sports fields and Commercial buildings and storefronts, we can design and install a custom lawn and landscape irrigation system for you!  We offer a variety of sprinkler system options to include weather based watering.


You’ve heard the saying “Location, Location, Location” with regards to real estate.

With regards to sprinkler systems the saying goes like this “Design, Design, Design”


Design of a sprinkler system is THE key factor that determines if your investment provides a solid return or a great loss.  A poorly designed sprinkler system waters unevenly creating hotspots, is inefficient creating high water bills, and can even be rendered nearly useless without a major overhaul or even a brand new system.  A poorly designed system can have too many heads on a zone causing heads to operate improperly and provide poor coverage.  


A well designed sprinkler system by Ideal applies even and accurate precipitation.  It will be divided into zones that will allow you water different types of plantings accordingly and will have the ability to operate based on the weather conditions.


There are many factors and calculations that must be considered and accounted for when designing and installing a sprinkler system. 


Plant type- trees, shrubs, perennials, and turf grass all have different watering needs.  An Ideal designed and installed system will give you the ability to tailor the watering needs to your lawn and landscape.


Land Elevation and grade affects run off and pressure loss. Sun and shade contrasts need to be considered when designing the system.


Static Pressure, municipal backflow preventer requirements, meter and supply line size all must be accounted for when designing a sprinkler system.  Different types of pipe material and different sizes of pipe affect water pressure loss and water flow rates.


High quality materials also play a key role in sprinkler system operation and longevity.

Our experience over the years has taught us that using a combination of Hunter and Rain Bird products provides a reliable efficient system that will consistently perform as designed and installed.

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