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Our Criterion Campaign

One Good Lead Deserves Another. Unleash Your Power.

A More Rewarding Way to Travel,
Can You Keep A Secret? We Hope Not!
Earn Cash With Each Referral,
Eclipses all Others.

Expecting 500k users for this campaign

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Sign up and Join the campaign

Sign up and join the campaign and 

fill the details to proceed further.

*If you are not able to pay the campaign registartion fee then refer 5 person and join the campaign or Join our team

*Note :

 In this criteria, the 5 referral rewards commission are not counted, you will be rewarded from the 6th referral of yours.


Refer any one

You can refer anyone to join the campaign. When your referral completes the campaign registration you get a cash reward.

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OIP (4).jfif


Unlimited  referral

Unlimited referrals can be done. According to your referral count you will get cash rewards and gifts.

* At last, the rewards will be given at the end of the campaign according to your referral count and performance

Campaign Guide with Terms and Condition

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OIP (6).jfif

Rules and regulations of the campaign to be followed and also the benefits of the campaign members

  1. During signup if you are not able to pay your campaign registration fee then you can refer 5 persons and when your 5  referral joins the campaign you will be allowed to join for free.

  2. You can also join our team and work part-time, or Full time according to your convenience

  3. You can refer limitlessly.

  4. The campaign members can also do referrals after their registration and earn cash rewards.

  5. All registered members will be rewarded.

  6. When one of your referrals completes the registration you will receive Rs.1500 as a commission.

  7. You also will receive cash rewards, bonuses, and gifts when completing certain targets of referrals.

  8. The highest referral member will be rewarded with a bonus of cash and gifts as a token of love and gratitude.

  9. For any queries and support kindly contact us.

  10. Id proof and bank account details or UPI ids are mandatory for payouts.

  11. Payout will be once in a 5 days.

  12. After your referral registration go to Referral payout and fill the details for your payout.

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